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Virtual Art Show for Mental Health Awareness

By idw_sys | May 21, 2022

For Mental Health Awareness Month, the Blended Case Management department in Hazleton came up with the idea of a virtual art show to demonstrate that members are more than just mental health symptoms and a diagnosis. They have many skills and talents as well. Please enjoy these wonderfully done pieces of art!

The New NCS Website

By Northeast Counseling Services | September 3, 2020

The “Community” page of the new Northeast Counseling website is intended for our community members; a place for all to come to seek resources and positivity.

Celebrate Community Artists

By Northeast Counseling Services | September 3, 2020

Northeast Counseling Services’ community members have shared magnificent artistic skills and creativity. Whether it be visual art, written, art, or anything in between, we welcome and encourage you to share! Let your provider know how you would like to contribute, and as always, your identity can be completely anonymous if you choose.

Yours to Share…

By Northeast Counseling Services | September 3, 2020

Our community members possess a variety of skill and talents. Not only in arts, but in other capacities. We welcome anything you are willing to share.Maybe it’s a healthy and delicious recipe, or your favorite coping skill. Or perhaps positive affirmations you want to share. This page is yours to share.